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Common Home Repairs for the Pros (And Some For You, Too!)

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

As a homeowner, you can plan to set aside around 1 to 3 percent of your property’s value each year for maintenance and repairs, according to HGTV. This can include little things, such as lawnmower blades and a fresh coat of paint every so often. It also includes more in-depth repairs and upgrades. You probably won’t spend this much every year, but it’s nice to have when big issues arise.

Your home repair budget will be split between projects. A good way to stay on top of repairs and potential dangerous situations is to consider what a home appraiser looks for when they inspect a home. Some of these projects you can tackle, while others are better off with a licensed professional. Learn more from Pioneer Enterprises below:

Go For the Pros

Plumbing problems, a dysfunctional HVAC unit, and electrical issues can get expensive fast. But these are not tasks you should take on unless you have training in these areas. Your air conditioner, for example, may have a frozen coil, bad wiring, or it could be low on refrigerant. If it’s not working, you can try changing your filter, but if that doesn’t help, contact an HVAC repairman. During the heat of summer, a broken air-conditioner is more than just a nuisance, it can create a hazardous situation quickly.

Speaking of fast-elevating issues, your home’s electrical system should never be left to chance, either. According to this Jacksonville property management company, flickering and dimming lights, dead outlets, and lighting failure can all literally spark other problems up to and including a house fire. An electrician will have the tools and experience needed to diagnose and repair even the most complex wiring problems.

Just as complex as your electrical system is your home’s plumbing. While you can certainly try your hand at fixing a dripping faucet or clearing a clogged toilet, issues with your sewer pipes or recurrent clogged drains are not for the everyday handyman.

Another area where it’s wise to trust the pros is with pest control. They can provide solutions to address pests like mice that will be more effective than store bought solutions. To find good help, search online for ‘exterminator near me for mice’. That should provide you with a list of professional pest control specialists that can help you out. Read reviews of their services to help you decide who to go with.

Go For It

Enough about what you shouldn’t do, because there’s so much more that you can do on your own. According to these property managers in Chicago you don’t need a professional for everything, and there are many common repairs you can do yourself without putting your family in harm’s way.

Even annoying problems like frayed carpeting are fairly simple to rectify with a few tools and a lot of patience. A damaged garage door is actually another fairly straightforward DIY repair that many homeowners find intimidating. If you’ve accidentally backed into your garage door, you may be able to bend it back to normal with a rubber mallet and a wooden block. A second method uses heat and an air compressor to slowly reshape the bent material.

Surface Treatment

Cosmetic issues are great for DIYers since you can usually do and re-do the job until you’re happy. Upgrading drawer pulls and knobs is a perfect example. You can pretty quickly change the look of your kitchen or bath (or bedroom furniture) by slapping on a coat of color and swapping outdated hardware. Hate it? No problem. Sand the cabinets down and start over. It’s a pain, but it’s also a chance to perfect your painting and home repair skills.

If frustration over your cabinets left you slamming doors, you might find a new project waiting for you just behind the handle. A doorknob can bust through drywall with very little force, leaving you with a gaping hole where you once had a solid wall. Don’t worry. With a little online research, you can patch that drywall hole in no time!

Your home is what protects your family, and its major systems need a skilled hand to keep them in order. But that doesn’t mean you have to outsource everything. Common household repairs can be a fun weekend project, as well as a chance to make your house a home with your own two hands.

For all your local property management needs in Baltimore, trust Pioneer Enterprises.

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