Who’s Responsible for HVAC Service Maintenance Needs – Landlord or Tenant? 

HVAC Service Maintenance

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Rental properties always need regular care to keep up with the maintenance. To increase the value of the rental property in Maryland and provide the habitable space to the tenants, most landlord invest in Property Management Companies in Maryland. There are so many things that a landlord has to repair when tenants are occupying the space in his/her rental unit. And when they have HVAC system in their house then as a homeowner, they must know the handling all the associated needs is their responsibility.

But, when the same HVAC system is in your rental property then the things get more confusing both the landlord and tenants. It’s hard to understand that who will be responsible to pay the repair cost of maintenance bill when it comes to maintaining the HVAC unit. You might have seen many to say that if the tenants are living in the property then it’s there responsibility, while as some says that it is the duty of a landlord to take care of all the things.

Well, in this article we will discuss on the topic of HVAC maintenance and service in rental properties in Maryland. Let’s discuss that who will be responsible for HVAC maintenance in a rental unit.

What are the HVAC responsibilities?

Before we go further on discussing the main topic who will be responsible for HVAC maintenance, we should first know that what this HVAC denotes. This is the abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This helps in establishing a normal life quality in the rental unit. As you know the meaning of the HVAC maintenance you can now see how these meshes with the various responsibilities in the rental property.

Air Conditioning

Most of the state do not demand air condition in rental properties. So, the landlord doesn’t need to provide the system as an essential to keeping the rental unit habitable. But, if there’s an air condition already installed in the unity then the landlord has to maintain it. It’s the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the A/C is working properly. Otherwise the negligence may result in lease termination.


Comfortable temperature is an essential requirement for rental units to make it livable for the renters. So, the landlord must provide an adequate heat supply all the times. 


You cannot overlook ventilation in a rental unit as this can put your tenants’ health at risk. When you have only heating without circulating the indoor air you are actually risking your life. So, you cannot put your tenants’ life at risk. Ventilation helps in removing humid conditions that makes heating more efficient and cuts health risks as well.

A central ventilation system should be installed by the landlord in his/her rental unit that will draw-in the air from outdoors. Also the tenants have their part to play when it comes to ventilation in the rental property. It’s their duty to air the rooms by always opening the doors and windows.

How Should HVAC Emergencies Be Handled? And Who Will be Responsible for This?

The landlords are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the rental unit. Similarly, HVAC emergencies is the landlord’s responsibilities to ensure the property is livable for his/her tenants. If any problem occur like water leak from the indoor unit, damp air, etc. then it is the landlord who should get it promptly fixed.

If you will as a landlord would ignore the HVAC emergency then this could be seen as negligence. In some states the government and local municipalities allows the tenants to withhold the rent payment in such situations.

What is the sharing approach to upkeep responsibilities?

Being a landlord you have many rights, so you can add a clause to the rental agreement that explains the details of the rules behind the HVAC maintenance procedures. You have the full rights to share the upkeep duties with your tenants or you can individually handle it.

But, you must remember that the landlord is fully responsible for the service and upkeep needs. The tenants has already paid a security deposit do they do not have to worry about any duties related to HVAC system. The major problems occurred in HVAC system should be repaired or handled by the landlord. However, the tenants must share the responsibility for any smaller tasks like changing the filter, etc.

The Bottom Line

 By discussing all the points of HVAC system we have come to the conclusion that the landlords are responsible for heating and ventilation in the rental property as air conditioning system isn’t an essential service. But, if you have already installed the A/C system in your rental unit then it’s you as a landlord who will be responsible for the maintenance when needed. If the problem is a major or any serious emergency occurred then the landlord should immediately take actions to solve the issues. Otherwise it will be counted as negligence. Well, the lease agreement can instruct whether the responsibilities will be shared by both the parties or the tenants will have to only take care of the minor maintenance tasks.
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