Virtual Rental Tour is the New Normal


During this pandemic period, the real estate industry has experience some significant changes in the way the property managers or real estate agents help the potential tenants and buyers to invest in a property. Earlier they use to showing the property privately to the potential buyer, open houses and tours have been the medium of showcasing the available properties. Even the renters who want to rent the property visit the site to check out the property and its condition before renting. But, all of this has come to an abrupt halt since the outbreak of COVID 19.

In some areas, private showings and meetings are possible, but are not advised because it is not at all safe. In fact, many investors have already stopped investing in properties for a certain period of time. And many have adapted the new normal that is virtual tour of the houses. This is not only helpful for the property managers, but are also helpful for the tenants. Virtual tours allow property managers and landlords to get in touch with the potential tenants without risking their health. Let’s discuss more about virtual tours of rental properties and houses.

What are Virtual Showings?

Virtual Rental Tour is the New Normal

When you need to buy something then you want to see the product before buying. Similarly when you want to rent a property or buy an investment property then you want to see the property and surroundings. But, due to the govt. restriction we are not allowed to go outside and meet people. So, the technologies can help us the best. The property owners or managers can show the property to the clients on their computer or mobile phones using internet. You can have the virtual tour of the house using the technologies. And if you are a home owner who wants to show the property to potential tenants then here are a few options you can use: -

3D virtual house tours

This works like Google street view. The self-guided house tour allows the customers to zoom in and navigate the layout with their mouse.


You can upload some good pictures of your rental property taken by a professional real estate photographer. Professional photographers will not only provide pictures in high-definition quality but will also click the pictures from the right angles.


The property manager or you should walk around the property to record a video or, you can hire professional for the job. If the property is vacant then you can do it easily without disturbing your tenants or, else you will have to observe social distancing measures while filming the video.

Virtual Appointments

This simply means your potential tenant will be on a video call and you will show them the property by describing all the details of the property. Schedule a meeting with them to help them by answering their question and giving lots of details.

How to Create Virtual Apartment or Home Tours?

Virtual Apartment or Home Tours
Take good pictures and videos

Hire professional photographers to take good picture of your house and record good videos as well. And if not then try to take good pictures. Remember that good quality pictures always matter.

Take your time

Do not panic and take your time. While filming a tour go through all the spaces and show the rooms from different angles.

Do not skip spaces

People always want to know the space available in a property so, you must capture the areas such as the basement, garage, parking space, etc. to attract tenants. Do not skip them.

Hire property manager or management company

The best way to create virtual house tour is to rely on a property management company in Baltimore. When you hire the professional property manager then you need not to do anything for managing your rental property. They will handle everything to get tenants for you rental property.

As you know the virtual house tour is the new normal for all of us so, without wasting your time create virtual house tour to get tenants or buyers for your investment property in Maryland. 

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