3 Types of Irritating Tenants Every Landlord Wish Not To Have

3 Types of Irritating Tenants Every Landlord Wish Not To Have

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When you are getting money from somewhere, definitely you need to put your efforts on the same. When you aim to get good profit from your property then you might have to survive through bad tenants as well.

The journey of landlords is tough and with this, they have many challenges every other day. Being a landlord, you must be always fascinated about your tenant doing all the works for you, isn’t it? Well, our assumptions and realities are different.

We know that the people out there must have experienced something bad with tenants or could have sensed the problem in management of tenant. This is the reason why you are reading this article. While giving property to someone, a landlord always tries to do things from the best of his part. He tries best to get the whereabouts of the tenant.

In fact, there are many landlords who hire the special companies for tenant verification and background check. But, even after doing so much, it does not guarantee that you are going to share good terms with your tenant. Even after the best of scanning, you may come across the problematic tenants.

As per the researches which have been conducted on tenant behavior, it has been found that there are 3 most common type of irritating tenants which are found everywhere across the globe. No matter if you are giving rental management services in Baltimore or somewhere in UK, the same type of sense and behavior of irritating tenants could be found anywhere across the globe. You may come across these 3 types of tenants, if you are really bad at your luck

  • Complains about everything
  • Breaks terms of the lease agreement
  • Pays rent late or forgets to pay

These are the three most common type of irritating tenants that landlords wish not to have. But, destiny is not in our control and a landlord can come across such type of irritating tenants anytime. Being a landlord, you have certain responsibilities. And more than that, you are restricted with the law as well. No matter how much your tenant is irritating you, at the end of the day you cannot go for the self-eviction process. In case you get irritated and ask the tenant to vacate the property without proper intimation or notice then you can get into legal battle. You should do everything lawfully in order to enjoy the best benefits of your rental property. Below we are telling you the expert’s tips as how one can deal with these types of problematic tenants and that too lawfully.

The Habitual Complainer

Many problems may rise in rental property. But, if you find that the tenant is finding complain in everything then it is a problem. In case your tenant is constantly reminding you that you are not able to meet with his expectation then you should sit and discuss the things with him. This could be understood with an instance, if your tenant complains that you never receive their call then tell them that you can be contacted by other means. A good communication would eradicate 90% of the problems then and there. Being the landowner you have the responsibility of maintenance, so if they have any query and concern about the same then try to handle it. Their maintenance query should be attended by you. But, if you find that they are constantly making complains even for the small issues which could be handled by their own way then ask them to vacate property within two three months. Ask them to find a better place which could meet with their needs well.

The Rule Breaker

Rules are meant to be broken and definitely this is something that those irritating tenants think. No matter how much strict you become regarding the property laws, they will still find their way out to break the rules and irritate you. Before jumping to any conclusion it is necessary for you to ask them about their behavior. Reminding them about the rules and the documents which they have signed for the same would help you certainly. You are not supposed to get emotional in any case as they can accuse you of being hostile and give them more legal clout in case of an eviction. In case you find any type of suspicious activity, then you should notify the authority immediately.

The Late Payer

This is the most common type of irritating tenant that landlord often come across with. They come every now and then in every property. At the time when the tenant first moves into your property, you should give them a reminder when rent should be paid. This is necessary to make them aware of rent schedule. In case, despite best of your efforts the tenant is constantly paying late rent then you should impose late fine on him. In case the tenant refuses to pay rent then give them few legal notices and in case nothing is working after that, laws give you the permission to evict the tenant from your vicinity.

Handling a tenant is a menace. It is one of the complicated tasks that every landlord is supposed to do every now and then. If you don’t want to get involved in any of such type of complications then it is better to approach a credible property management company . They are well-versed with the responsibilities hence would ensure that you would be kept aside from such tenants. And, in case the tenant is problematic the property managers would handle it at their own end.

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