Applying & Move In Process

Congratulations, you’ve found a Pioneer Enterprises property that you would like to become your new home. The application and move in process is described below.

1. After submitting an application, please pay non refundable application fee(s) by credit card, cash, or money order.
Credit cards can be processed over the phone after submitting.

2. Present rental history of payments, for the period of one year, in the form of :

  • Rent Ledger
  • Cancelled Check
  • Bank Statements
  • Copies of Money Order Receipts
  • Other Instruments

3. Present two most recent pay stubs.

4. If self employed, present last filed tax documents showing adjusted gross income.

5. Of any of the rental verification is not available please explain any and all reasons in your application.

6. After approved, promptly put a deposit with signed deposit agreement so that your desired property can be taken off of the market.

7. Please do a walk through with your representative before signing the lease. Any defects or pertinent info about property condition can be noted on walk through sheet. You will not be held responsible for noted items upon move out.

8. Transfer utilities in your name.

9. Obtain renters insurance coverage with Pioneer Enterprises as additional insured

10. Sign your lease.

11. Pick up keys.

12. Make yourself at home!

Pioneer Enterprises LLC
Pioneer Enterprises LLC
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