Property Management Fees & Rates in Maryland

Property Management Fees

Are you looking for property management fees and rates in Maryland? If yes then your search ends here. We at Pioneer Enterprises provide you the best quality property management services in Maryland at cheaper rates.

Our property management fee is the lowest in the industry. The integrated property management fee is 8% of monthly rent for 3-6 rental properties. The fee will vary based on various factors. Here, we will provide you the complete guide to property management fees.

As with so many things, the property management service in Maryland will be a great help for landlords and investors. But a property management company will help you at price. Nothing is free in this world. Keep it in your mind. If someone is providing services to make you tension-free from the hassles of property management then obviously you will have to pay.

But how much?

How much do property management company charge? Or, what can be property management fees and rates for your rental or investment properties in Maryland.

As a landlord or investor, you must know property management fees and rates before you hire one of property management companies in Maryland. You have the right to know the property management charges so that you can compare different property management companies and make a decision to choose the right one. 

Factors That Influence Property Management Fee and Cost

Property management fees and rates in Maryland will vary based on a variety of factors, such as type of property, and types of services provided. Different property management companies in Maryland will charge different prices to manage your property. So, you must understand the different factors that may influence the property management cost. Plus, you should know the breakdown of the fees a property manager may charge for managing your rental or investment properties.

Size of Rental Property

There will be different fees for managing the property of different sizes. Managing a larger rental property involves more work than managing a smaller rental or investment property in Maryland. Hence, the property management fee will be higher in the case of managing a larger rental property.

Number of Properties

Property management fees in Maryland will also vary depending upon the number of rental properties. We at Pioneer Enterprises LLC charge 10% of monthly rent in the case of managing 1-2 properties, 8% of monthly rent for managing 3 to 6 properties, and 7% of monthly rent for managing more than 7 properties in Maryland.

Type of Property

Professional property management companies in Maryland may manage all types of rental or investment properties. They may provide their management services for residential properties, commercial property, apartments, multi-family properties, single-family homes, condos, and vacant properties.

Condition of Rental Property

The condition of rental property will also significantly influence the property management fees. There can be a difference between the fees of managing a new property and an old property. Fees for managing newer properties will be lower than fees for managing older properties. It is because new properties call fewer maintenance issues than older properties.

Location of Rental or Investment Property

Property management fees in Maryland may differ depending upon the location of the property. But we at Pioneer Enterprises, LLC charge the same fees all across Maryland.

Types of Services

A property management company in Maryland provides a range of services. Hence, the management fees and rates will vary depending upon the type of service you choose. For example, if you hire a property management company in Maryland for collecting rent then obviously you will have to pay much less than a property management company that provides full-service property management including rent collection, handling maintenance & repairs, dealing with legal issues, finding tenants, tenant evictions, and accounting & reporting.

Property Management Fees and Rates in Maryland by Pioneer Enterprise, LLC

We at Pioneer Enterprise, LLC, have set standard fees and rates for property management services in Maryland. Our property management fees and rates in Maryland will be as under-

Leasing fee: 100% of one month’s rent

Up to 2 properties management fees: 10% of monthly rent

3 to 6 properties management fees: 8% of monthly rent

7+ properties management fees: 7% of monthly rent

Property evaluation fee: Free of charge (We don’t charge even a single penny)

Sign and lockbox charges: Included in the leasing fee, so no charge for the same

Lease Renewal Fees: No charge for lease renewal fees

Apartment Management Fee in Maryland: 75 USD

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I have 3 rental properties in Baltimore County? What will be the property management fee for the same?    

We at Pioneer Enterprises, LLC charge 8% of monthly rent in the case of managing 3 to 6 properties in Maryland. For example, if the monthly rent collection of 3 properties in Maryland is 2000 USD then we will charge you 160 USD per month as a full-service property management fee.        

Q. What will be the fees I have to hire property management service for a single rental property in Maryland?     

In this case, we will charge you 10% of the monthly rent. We charge 10% of monthly rent in the case of managing 1 to 2 rental properties.

Q. What will the fees for managing more than 7 rental properties in Maryland?      

We charge 7% of the monthly rental as property management fees if you give us 7 or more than 7 rental/investment properties in Maryland. 

Q. What is the apartment management fee in Maryland?      

Our apartment management fee in Maryland is 75 USD.

Q. What is the leasing fee?       

We charge 100% of one month's rent as a leasing fee for rental properties in Maryland. The lease signing fee is also included in this fee. You will not have to pay even a single rupee as a lease signing fee. 

Q. Do you also charge for property evaluation?       

No. We don't charge for property evaluation. It is free of cost.          

Q. Do you also charge as an annual lease renewal fee?      

No, we don't charge for the annual lease renewal fee, while others may.

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