Why Choose Pioneer Enterprises?

If you found us, most likely your renters will find us too!
We are a tech savvy company that believes in internet marketing.

Advertising and Showings:
Pioneer Enterprises is a full service Real Estate Management company with leasing as our main component of the industry.

We take pride in our dedicated leasing representatives, who handle all inbound emails and phone call leads generated for rental properties, which results in fast turnaround for open houses.
Your rental property is advertised on all major sites and MLS where other Realtors have access to coop and lease.
Our office is fully staffed and located centrally between Baltimore and North Anne Arundel Counties on Ritchie Highway.

When it comes to renting your property we do a thorough screening of applicants. A good due diligence is given in the approval process. We consider previous rental history, rent ledgers are verified, a full credit history is checked, income verification, and employment history are checked to establish the prospects stability. 

Low Cost:
We only charge 10% of leased amount or minimum of one hundred dollars ($100.00) as our management fee. 

For multifamily dwelling properties owners or apartment complex owners we charge $75 per apartment or 10% of leased amount, whichever is greater. 

We collect the rent payments on your rentals and fund your account with prompt direct ACH deposits. Our accounting system generates monthly statements and itemized invoices for any repairs conducted. 

Rental Turnover:
We can, on a turnkey basis, get your property 100% ready to the next tenant. So you can just sit back, relax, and let us do the work. From getting your house ready to leasing and management, we got you covered! 

Evictions and Breaches:
On rare occasion, if you experience a delinquent tenant, we will assist in filing all court trial documents and meet the sheriff to get property back. An additional fee will be applied for this process.

Pioneer Enterprises has an in-house repair team for your rental property repairs. We we are MHIC licensed for home repairs. We have access to reliable repair teams for HVAC, appliances, roofing, plumbing, and electrical repairs. 

For all maintenance repairs, we got you covered! 
If you are considering for a rehab project please call us to discuss the project.


Pioneer Enterprises LLC
Pioneer Enterprises LLC
4408 Ritchie Highway Baltimore MD 21225